Plastotecnica partecipated at the 24th edition of IPACK-IMA, processing and packaging food and non-food international exhibition.

As a responsible and sustainable company, Plastotecnica has focused markets presentation and communication on innovative and more eco-compatible packaging solutions.

Our visitors had the opportunity to get familiar with the new versions of Skin.Lite’s product line, a very low thickness film family:

  • Skin.Lite Standard: 14-16 my new versions
  • Skin.Lite FX: mid-slippery stretch film for high performing automatic wrapping machines, pre-stretched up to 350%
  • Skin.Lite HR: mid-slippery stretch film suitable for standard automatic wrapping machines. Thanks to its high rip and impact resistance, rigidity and thin gauge, it is suitable for fragile and deformable goods wrapping
  • Skin.Lite HS: mid-slippery stretchable film up to 400%, for high performing automatic wrapping machines. It ensures the minimum use of film per pallet, while reducing environmental impact and offering less friction among pallets during logistic and handling operations
    Skin.Lite Pre-Stretched Manual Version: the soft structure allows to assorb shocks preventing damage to the film

Our BiGreen films range were been very successful too:

  • stretch and shrink films with a high content of post-consumer and post-industrial wastes
  • palletizing film from renewable sources

We have been working on sustainability objectives for years and, thanks to the deep “Green” orientation, Plastotecnica is prepared to comply with the guidelines of the Plastic Strategy, which is expected to have a strong impact on design, construction, use and recycling of products in the European Union.

To learn more about Plastotecnica’s new products follow the nex articles publication.