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In Plastotecnica, sustainability is a fundamental part of the company philosophy and involves every aspect of its business. The reduction of CO2 emissions through energy and production efficiency, research and development sustainable packaging to lower the environmental impact of products, the dialogue with local institutions for greater integration, the conscious use of resources, the investments in human resources and the continuous improvement of activities concerning health and safety of our workforce are just some of the aspects that concretise the company’s commitment for a sustainable development.


Our established sustainability goals concern different aspects and directions of change. We believe that this approach only works if it is integrated into the whole system: we cross the borders of our factory to include all partners. The targets and objectives that we set reflect our corporate nature: they are clear, focused and above all effective.

100% Recyclable Packaging

Address our clients towards 100% recyclable packaging solutions, preferring monopolymer solutions, minimized additives, less extensive prints and opaque white or clear colors instead of black films based on carbon black

goal to be achieved by 2025


Reduce film thicknesses by implementing high-performance innovative materials and optimized process parameters in collaboration with our customers, to achieve the best efficiency for their application

goal: increase sales of Skin.Lite products by 20% by 2022

Minimize waste

Minimize waste by reducing production wastes and inefficiencies. Enhance our by-product through a careful process of separation, selection and regeneration using cutting-edge technologies

goal: 5% waste reduction by 2025


Tons of CO2 saved thanks to energy efficiency interventions

(data refers to 2019, compared to ex-ante situation)

Tons of CO2 saved thanks to the use of Skin.Lite ultra-thin films

(data refers to 2019)


disposed waste directed to recovery

(data refers to 2019)

The energy efficiency interventions involved:

Compressed air system optimization – 59 tons of CO2 saved
LED light replacement – 281 tons of CO2 saved
Trigeneration plant – 1.392 tons of CO2 saved

Plastotecnica is also active in other areas, such as the optimization of transport and logistics
(pallet pooling certified systems, preference for rail transport),
pellet loss prevention, social responsibility, safety on the workplace and employee well-being.

Our sustainable products


When less is more
Our highly performing ultra-thin stretch films, which allow a drastic reduction of the material used for the packaging of each unit, bring countless environmental advantages, such as lower CO2 emissions, lighter transport, fewer materials to be disposed of.


Keeping plastic in the loop
We developed a line of products with content of polyethylene coming from recycling processes, involving the entire value chain in the project of creation of a circular economy for flexible packaging.
For these products Plastotecnica has obtained the Second Life Plastics certification.


Protect the climate
Our range of products with polyethylene derived from renewable sources. Attentive to the environment, films with polyethylene coming from renewable sources allow a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during their production cycle and guarantee less dependence on fossil-based raw materials.


One is enough
Following the principles of circular economy, our laboratory studies solutions for mono-material laminates to replace multi-material structures, supporting the development of more easily recyclable packaging.


Plastotecnica is proud to be an active stakeholder of Ceflex. What is Ceflex?
CEFLEX is a collaborative initiative of a European consortium of companies and associations representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging – material and film producers, converters and retailers, suppliers and end users – aimed at enhancing the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy. Ceflex’s goal is to increase the recycling rate of flexible plastic films through a more sustainable design of product packaging systems and the development of management circuits of post-consumer waste.

To learn more about this project, their activities,
and to consult the guidelines, have a look at thies video:

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Our systems are periodically verified by qualified bodies,
also on the ethical standards.

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