Plastotecnica, in collaboration with Spin Life– Spin-off of the University of Padua – has started a project to study the life cycle of its products with a 360 ° cradle to grave approach, to identify the most sustainable solutions.

In compliance with ISO 14040 and 14044 standards, the Life Cycle Assessment is an approach that analyses all the stages of the life cycle of the products and their environmental footprint. This method allows to calculate all the potential environmental impacts that occur in the different phases of the life cycle of the products, considering production and transport of the raw material, processing and transformation, the distribution of the finished product and the consequent collection and final disposal of packaging.

The LCA analysis provides an important support for defining the business strategy, orienting investments and identifying actions and paths aimed at reducing the environmental impact throughout the production process. Furthermore, it will help us develop a more comprehensive and focused management of R&D and product development, identifying and concentrating our research on sustainable materials and solutions, based on a scientific and concrete approach.

We believe that, to really advise and help our customers in the choice of products with a reduced environmental impact, it is essential to rely on scientific and solid data, and on methods that can be verified and certified by third parties.