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Plastotecnica does not only offers you the best film for your packaging, but we personalize it according to your requests.

Following an approach “AROUND YOUR NEEDS”, we take care of providing you more than a product: collaboration, advice and assistance.

We study with you the most suitable materials to satisfy your needs. We make them unique by using cutting edge technologies and machinery, and above all by putting all our skills, experience and passion into it.

Customer Service
and Technical Assistance

Our sales team is aimed at finding the product which will best suit your application and needs. Beside the standard product range, our staff develops customized solutions, following your indications and specific requirements. Our technical assistance will analyze the features of the equipment and the performances of the film. They will than identify the most suitable product formula for you, in order to reach a maximum efficiency and cost optimization of your customized packaging.
In particular, our team provides:

  • advise on machinery setting / product selection
  • sample technical analysis
  • new manufacturing equipment / film homologation directly by the machine producer
  • optimization of the customers’ production process
  • support in difficult cases/need for assistance

R&D and Laboratory

Our R&D team provides dedicated solutions to specific problems and innovative applications. Moreover, they study appropriate answers to the new market trends.

Our experts, in collaboration with the main raw material suppliers and machinery producers, work everyday on several projects, to improve constantly their results.

Plastotecnica is provided with a forefront laboratory, equipped to make chemical and physical tests on pellets and film:

  • quality check on advanced level
  • new raw material homologation
  • physical mechanical product analysis
  • evaluation of optical properties

Graphic department

The staff of our graphic department works in close collaboration with our customers to develop new ideas and study tailor-made packaging projects. After receiving the graphic file with the customer’s draft, our graphic designers take care of processing and analyzing its feasibility in relation to the characteristics of our systems. To offer better advice on image settings, our team interacts directly with the customer’s marketing offices or graphic agencies: the projects are redefined on the actually available print areas, resulted from concrete tests and proofs of packing.

In the following phases of the project our graphic designers will develop:

  • Technical drawing layout
  • Preparation of color drafts
  • Cromaline print
  • Definition of print layout
  • Printing plates realization

Flexo print

Within our production plants, we dispose of two integrated solutions for printing stretch and shrink film: in-line printing unit for shrink film at some extrusion machines, and an entirely dedicated printing hall, where we manage both cast and blown films. In this last department there are flexographic printing systems, which allow us to offer you the best graphic solutions for your packaging: a wide range of customizations to meet your requirements, graphics with excellent performance in terms of quality, definition of details and color rendering, while maintaining the characteristics of the film unaltered.

Our technicians follow the realization of the product in the preprinting and printing phases:

  • Colorimetry
  • Mixing Station
  • Cliché assembly
  • Press launch
  • 100% control system


Our success is based on Three elements:

Sustainability | Technological Innovation | Value to People

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