Plastotecnica continues its commitment to reduce environmental impact with a wide range of products with recycled content.

We have been a certified Plastics Second Life company for many years and have recognized for many years that plastic waste management is crucial and, thanks to constant research and collaboration with dedicated partners, we are constantly taking important steps towards the circular economy.

Based on concrete applications from the market to increase the recyclate content, the Second Life Plastic certification of the structure of a shrink film with 70% recycled contenthas been carried out.

The main area of application is in the beverage industry. The main focus was on the use of recycle waste, selected from waste that is produced within the industrial chain in order to have greater stability in terms of application performance, compared to the use of post-consumer derived waste materials. Moreover, the use of this type of recycle material also meets the need to keep the optical characteristics of the film as stable as possible.

Today, the market demand is also for a stretch film for automatic use with high pre-stretch performance similar to E81 Super Power, with thicknesses in the 17 – 23 µm range and 30% recycled content of post-industrial and/or post-consumer origin.

The mechanical characteristics of the film with this developed recycled content are in line with the virgin standard and therefore submitted for Second Life Plastic Certification.

Type Description Recycled material content [%]
RPC.LT70.XX shrink film LDPE blown technology flat film for beverage industry 70
E8B (E81 – Recy content 30%) Film LLDPE cast Machine Stretch film, printed and not 30


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