Stretch Film


The multi-layer LLDPE stretch film, manufactured with the use of the CAST extrusion technology, is available for hand and machine application, with different degree of pre-stretch – from standard to super power. In the automatic version they are suitable for semi-automatic, automatic and high-performance wrapping machines.

Our stretch films have excellent mechanical properties and guarantee optimal wrapping and excellent stability of the pallet even at low thicknesses.

Various product customizations are available on request, based on the specific needs of the customer as far as colors, additives and printing concerns.

Product range – Hand and Machine Film
Standard / Slippery / Outside cling / Inside slippery


BiGreen version available
with material coming from renewable sources
or recycling systems

Data Sheet


Data Sheet


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of our super-film family!

Skin.Lite films offer several advantages, such as a lower environmental impact and a significant cost contraction, thanks to the weight and volume reduction of each packed unit, guaranteeing in the meanwhile a maximum resistance of the film and an excellent load stability.

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