Collation Shrink Film

Plastotecnica film for Beverage sector is the ideal solution for multi-packs packaging. Our materials, designed for various applications, offer effective product protection, ensuring maximum efficiency and convinience in high performance packing lines.

Our films are produced with blown technology with single and co-extrusion, providing an excellent combination of solidity and package stability, improved optical properties (clarity and gloss), excellent tear and puncture resistence and high slippery.

In the flexographic print departments, materials can be printed with up to 9 colours.
Our films range for collation shrink film is perfectly suitable for every product/container/shrinking tunnel.

Applications include PET, glass and HDPE bottles, cans (water, milk, juices, beer, wine, oil, food and petfood) and others.

STANDARD PERFORMANCE Resistant film with high retraction force and overlap shrink wrapping machines.

MEDIUM PERFORMANCE Film with excellent optical properties able to provide high packaging stability.

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE Film with high transparency and brightness able to provide the best protection to your product.

NON-FUSION PACKAGING Secondary packaging for multi-packs.

 LACQUERED NON-FUSION PACKAGING Film lacquered non fusion external layer, customizable retractions compared to the standard version, without any goffer effect. Suitable for sealing bar machine with double rolls as primary packaging in the glassworks industry and acoustic insulators sector, preventing the adhesion risk with coverpal.


The new range of ultrathin industrial stretch film provide packaging film amount reduction maximum of 50% compared with standard films, by maintaining the same puncture resistance and stability during transport. 


Size: 1,5L 3X2 Thicknesses: 30μm-35μm

Size: 2L 3X2 Thicknesses: 40μm


Your image is essential for us. Our graphic staff works daily to give life to your ideas.

  • Technical drawing layout
  • Colour drafts
  • Cromaline
  • Advice on image setting
  • Printing plates realization
  • Selection of appropriate inks directly produced in our mixing station


In addition to the current product range, our technical staff is dedicated to the development of customized solutions according to your specific needs.

  • New manufacturing equipment/film homologation directly by the machine producer 
  • Advice on machinery setting/product selection 
  • Optimization of customers production process 
  • Samples technical analysis