Episode 5: Pre-Stretched Skin.Lite Launch

Plastotecnica presents the Pre-Stretched Skin.Lite version, pre-stretched soft polyethylene stretch film for manual application. The soft structure allows it to absorb shocks, preventing films damages and irreversible crushing of the reels.

Its low weight improves working conditions and prevents the risk of injury due to accidental falls of traditional reels. Furthermore, a reduced thickness down to 6 my allows the reduction of film consumption, with significant economic benefits.

The Pre-stretched Skin.Lite offers maximum efficiency with minimum waste. The possibility of buying films without cardboard cores, allows our customers to buy only the amount of film required for their packaging needs, with no secondary waste to be disposed of.

The Pre-Stretched Skin.Lite production, as for the entire Skin.Lite products range, focuses on CO2 emissions reduction.