Plastotecnica S.p.A. has obtained the environmental product certification Second Life Plastic for its polyethylene packaging films extruded with blown technology and containing recycled raw material. This is a significant recognition for the company and for its environmental commitment.

Plastotecnica has always been active in the development of products and in the search for solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of packaging. All the projects accomplished in the field of sustainability have been gathered within the brand BiGreen®. As a demonstration of the transparency and seriousness that characterized Plastotecnica, we have taken steps to ensure that the sustainability of our products is certified by competent authorities.

For this reason, our company has undertaken and concluded the MIXeco Plastic Second Lifecertification process. Films containing post-industrial or post-consumer recycled material at a minimum percentage of 30% have been certified: it is a large family of polyethylene packaging films, extruded with blown technology, and designed with a special composition that guarantees final applicability.

The applications of this materials range from bundling shrink film (for heat shrink tunnels) for beverage and canning industry to hoods and covering films for industrial use, or further to shrink film for wrapping machine sealing bar for sectors such as textile, building, insulating panels, furniture and so on.

The project also plans to shortly extend the same certification to other products such as foil and tube foil for sacks and for pallet packaging as well as for the glass industry and other industrial sectors.


What is the second life plastic brand?

The “Plastics Second Life” brand is an Environmental Product Certification system dedicated to materials and products obtained from the valorization of plastic waste created by the IPPR and is therefore a useful tool for recognizing environmentally sustainable solutions.

It is the first Italian and European brand dedicated to recycled plastic and introduces the concept of “quality” and “traceability” of recycled materials. The PSV mark certifies the products for which the manufacturer guarantees the identification, traceability and content of recycled plastic materials according to the percentages indicated in the Circular of the Ministry of the Environment 4 August 2004, implementing the Ministerial Decree 203/2003 on Green Public Procurement and in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 14021.

The brand was born from the need to make recycled plastic goods that are destined for public administrations and / or companies with predominantly public capital more visible and more easily identifiable, as well as for large-scale distribution. It also allows us to respond to the increasing requests for green products from consumers and citizens. For this reason, IPPR publishes and constantly updates the Repertory of materials and products under the “Plastic Second Life” brand.