Plastotecnica joined the international program Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), to fight marine litter by preventing the dispersion of plastics in the seas.

The initiative involves the entire production and logistics chain of the plastics sector, and it aims to reduce the dispersion in the environment of powders, granules and flakes generated in the production, handling and transport of plastic products.

Our plants had already taken steps in the prevention of pellet loss: for example, introducing checks on the loading / unloading of trucks and implementing yard waste collection systems and manholes filters. In 2020 the installation of an automatic raw material dosing system was also completed, that allows the direct distribution of the granules to the machines with a drastic reduction in the dispersion of plastic pellets.

Our voluntary participation in the Operation Clean Sweep program is an opportunity to evaluate the measures adopted so far, analyze the effectiveness of internal protocols and identify possible improvement areas, with a concrete and systematic approach.

An internal monitoring system and regular inspections have been developed to reduce material dispersion; the employees of each department were made aware through training activities and providing them with instructions and suitable tools to prevent and recover losses of granules, flakes and powders. In addition, a reporting system has been created to keep track of the results and progress achieved, which will allow us to identify critical issues and correct them.

“Aiming for the achievement of the “Zero Pellet Loss” milestone fits perfectly into the plan implemented by our company to reduce the environmental impact of its production processes through a sustainable development and continuous improvement approach“, says Valentina Betto, R&D and Sustainability Manager of Plastotecnica.