Reduced thickness, increased efficiency


The reduction of film thickness is one of the key strategy in the development of our projects and it constitutes a specific commitment in our sustainability plan for 2021.

It is in this standpoint of a sustainable approach that Plastotecnica introduces a new cast film 7-layers extrusion line, which it will soon come into operation in our plant in Bagnoli di Sopra. Thanks to this new installation, we will be able to considerably increase the production capacity of Skin.Lite, our range of highly performing ultra-thin stretch films. This investment will allow us to offer our customers an even more aimed and efficient service, further shortening the time to market.


The reduction of the quantity of plastic used per packaged unit compared to conventional products is guaranteed by the high pre-stretch performance of Skin.Lite films (up to 400%). This approach represents one of the most useful solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging, as also shows up from the preliminary results of the LCA study undertaken in collaboration with the University of Padua.

Furthermore, the excellent technical-mechanical features, such as the high holding force and the resistance to perforation and impact, ensure less tear during application, greater load stability and safety during transport, with consequent reduction of waste.


Our goal: to constantly improve the quality and performances of our films, for that reason the Skin.Lite project is constantly evolving. Our technical team works in collaboration with suppliers of raw materials and equipments to optimize performances and production processes.

A modern and efficient cast system allows the creation of innovative formulations, fully enhancing their performance, while high-precision control systems guarantee constant quality over time.