Our green films family 

In Plastotecnica we have introduced environmental and social issues in our business model and every day we take action on them. Our approach reflects on developing products and finding solutions more and more eco-friendly designed to minimise the environmental e social impact, to increase post-consumer waste recycling and reusing and to reduce greenhouse gas harmful emissions. Today is not longer enough to acknowledge that Nature is a Heritage for everyone and must be protected. Plastotecnica, member of CEFLEX, knows it and for this reason puts real opportunities into practise, like those represented by our green films BiGreen family, obtained in cast and blown extrusion. 

Skin.Lite films offer numerous advantages, such as the reduction in storage space and the decrease in weight and volume of each packed product, all this with the guarantee of maximum resistance and load stability.

Based on constant research and development, the Skin.lite project is in continuous evolution.In fact, our technicians continuously study innumerable applications for low-thickness films, in order to make them suitable for an increasing number of packaging applications. The first two milestones of this project are Stretch Film and Beverage.

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Up to 70% reduced thicknesses
  • Increase of the roll length
  • Reduction in roll changing time
  • Lighter cores
  • Less environmental impact
  • Technical service and training