Plastotecnica would like to reassure all partners, customers and suppliers that the current risk assessment does not imply any stop to production and/or supply service. Our company has taken all measures and precautions for the safety of workers and employees, guaranteeing regularity of operations and business activities.

Even though not placed in sites considered as an area at risk, the Company Management, has already applied all guidelines and solutions issued by National and Regional Institutes for Prevention by issuing and encouraging good behavioural practices that must be adopted both in working and private environment. The aim is to strengthen prevention and to restrict as much as possible the risk of
spreading and infection of the above-mentioned virus. Particularly, Plastotecnica has taken the following measures: 

  • To check that no employee is living in the areas at risk in the towns concerned by the measures of containment adopted by Public Authorities;
  • To forbid all employees and members of the team to go to the above-mentioned areas;
  • To inform all staff, that went or travelled to the areas considered at risk or got into contact with people living in those areas, to contact all at once the telephone numbers put at everybody’s disposal by Health Authorities, to follow strictly all instructions given by doctors, as well as, to promptly inform the Company;
  • To limit as much as possible the use of public transportations, such as trains, planes, buses and underground; 
  • To increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitization (carried on several times during the day by specialized staff) of working places, offices, hygienic services and common areas;
  • To put into operation precautionary measures for suppliers of goods and services,including forwarders and couriers, that reach daily the premises of Plastotecnica S.p.A.
The same precautionary measures have been extended also to all suppliers of goods and services, as per guidelines of the Ministry for Health.
The HSE Department is keeping monitored in real time the trend of this phenomenon. Furthermore, we would like to point out that our region has one of the highest sanitary standard in Europe, with strict controls and checks (4.900 swab tests were counted on the 25.02.2020), so we are sure that this emergency is absolutely managed and we can continue our business activities as usual. 

Italian Health Ministry advice on coronavirus:
– wash your hands often
– avoid contact with people with respiratory problems
– don’t touch eyes/nose/mouth
– cover mouth+nose when coughing
– don’t take any medication unless prescribed
– clean off surfaces with alcohol- or chlorine-based disinfectants.
– wear a mask if you suspect you are ill, or if you are assisting someone else who is ill.
– products made in China are NOT dangerous
– pets do not transmit the virus
– contact the phone number “1500” of Ministry of Health in case of fever or dry cough after a stay in China within 14 days