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Plastotecnica was founded in 1976

as a family business, in the province of Padua. The initiative and ideas of the owners, together with the skills of the collaborators, ensured that the company developed rapidly. The guarantee of high quality standards combined with the continuous search for innovative solutions, implementation of new technologies and constant investments soon led Plastotecnica to become the Italian leader in the production of flexible polyethylene packaging.

In more than 40 years of activity,

Plastotecnica has developed constantly, while remaining faithful to its fundamental characteristics:
Sustainability, Technological Innovation and Value to People.
These three elements, closely related and complementary to each other, are the principles that lead the corporate orientation, which have marked its history and define the guidelines for the future.
The growth of Plastotecnica represents an example of sustainability in a wider meaning:
an integrated system in the area where it operates, a strong orientation towards the future and the environment, shared values with all the people that collaborate with the company. These are the factors that contribute to business success,
powered by a great passion for work and for the product.

Value to People


The competitive strength of Plastotecnica is to put the CUSTOMERat the center of the company priorities: listening to their requests, collaborating to find the best solution for their needs, studying customized products and becoming a reliable advisor in the optimization of packaging management.

But what really makes the difference in the history of Plastotecnica are the PEOPLE: the passion and motivation of the employees, the relationships with the customers, the trust and fairness of the suppliers.

Our Plus

Technological Innovation
Research is the engine that drives us to explore new solutions, cutting edge materials with advanced performances, offering to our customers increasingly efficient, sustainable and customized products, based on their requests.

Respect for the environment has always been a fundamental value for Plastotecnica, which has decided to develop its activities in a sustainable and long term perspective.

Productive Plants
The application of new technologies is strictly connected with the search for more efficient solutions and systems, aimed at reducing emissions, lowering the consumption of resources and minimizing waste.

The stable quality of our products is maintained through the development of a sustainable system and the implementation of advanced technologies.


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