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The BiGreen brand arises from the need to give an identity
to the various projects developed by Plastotecnica in the field of sustainability.

The aim of our BiGreen products is to offer innovative packagingsolutions, that allow a reduction in the consumption of fossil raw materials
by providing in the meanwhile products that ensure utmost performances and economic and environmental savings.

This line is divided into 2 versions: products made with raw materials coming from recycling processes, and those with polyethylene from renewable sources
(both from crops and from waste materials).



Keeping plastic in the loop
An excellent way to improve the sustainabilityand circularity of productsis to use a part of recycled content inside the film,
hence reducing the production of plastic waste and saving resources.


Protect the climate
Attentive to the environment, films with polyethylene coming from renewable
sources allow a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during their production cycle
and guarantee less dependence on
fossil-based raw materials.


Second Life

Products with content of polyethylene
coming from recycling processes.



Products with content of polyethylene
coming from renewable sources.


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