Plastotecnica continues its project of sustainable development in the fields of circular economy and environmental protection, while staying true to its corporate nature and core values: fairness, concreteness and social responsibility.


The decision to submit our products containing recycled polymers to the Plastic Second Life certification process stems from the spirit of transparency that distinguishes our company and characterizes the relationships with our partners, customers or suppliers. The PSV brand, in fact, is the first Italian and European brand dedicated to recycled plastic, based on the guarantees offered by a rigorous qualification of recycled plastic materials, and by their traceability, at every level of the supply chain. It is issued by accredited third-party bodies, at the end of a certification process consisting of a documentary phase and subsequent on-site verification, thus guaranteeing the utmost impartialityand objectivity of the results.


The certification process is part of a broader plan undertaken by our company for the development sustainable products. “We want to give our contribution in the reduction of the environmental impact, therefore our R&D team is committed to the development of innovative materials, capable of ensuring truly sustainable solutions and at the same time guaranteeing the high quality standards and performances of products with virgin polyethylene.” says Valentina Betto, R&D and Sustainability Manager in Plastotecnica.


The results are effective, demonstrated by the continuous expansion, updating and improvement of our BiGreen Second Life range, dedicated to flexible packaging materials with polyethylene content from recycling processes. Consequently, also the PSV certifications of Plastotecnica in 2021 present several innovations, not only as far as the range of certified materials concern but also regarding the type of mark.

For example, our collation shrink film, also printed, can now boast the PSV brand from Separate Collection, which certifies a recycled content of 60%, derived entirely from waste from separate collection or other post-consumer circuits. Also the new line of BiGreen Second Life stretch film with 60% recycled polyethylene content – latest entry in the range – already boasts the recognition of the PSV Mixeco brand.


Our company policy is oriented towards a model of sustainable development, and with this approach we have developed a long-term plan for sustainability, which includes on the one hand a progressive efficiency of our production processes in order to reduce their environmental impact, and on the other hand the introduction of more sustainable products, involving all stakeholders in the implementation of virtuous behaviors and advising towards environmental-friendly packaging choices.