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About us

We are the most important Italian company – and one among the first ten European ones – operating in the production of polyethylene flexible packaging; every day we create new products together with you, offering customized solutions according to your production requirements.

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Our products

Plastotecnica SpA makes polyethylene and polypropylene flexible packaging with cast and blown extrusion technologies.
Our products can also be customized in the flexographic printing, cutting, sealing and rewinding departments. Three are the main product lines Plastotecnica SpA is specialized in:

  • Packaging for the industrial sector;
  • Technical films, such as those used in coating, lamination and other forms of processing;
  • Packaging for the Food & beverage sector.





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Some numbers

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted” (Albert Einstein)

It is not easy to express in numbers what lies behind almost 40 years of entrepreneurial history. Numbers cannot tell the passion, labour and attention to customers that has always characterized the way we work. But we try all the same.

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million Euros
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thousand tons
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thousand square meters of total surface

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